Featured Food Fair Designers


Featured Designers of Food Fair 2013


*Anymore StOrE


.::Pure Poison::.

.sleeping koala.


//elephante poses//


[ a.e.meth ]

{{BSD Design studio}}





Adorn Mint

Casa del Shai

Ceddy’s Boutique


Circa Living

Creations Kitchen


Dirty Candy

Faerycat Designs


Has Been

Haute House


La Petite Morte

Little House of Curios

Lollipop Shop

Loordes of London



Nani Poses


Oceania Breedables


Pink Acid

Pink Sugah

Rassasy Foods


Say Cheese

Sour Pickles

Sugar Heart


Two By Sea

weather or not

Zanzibar creationZ

Food Fair Will Open July 19th! Be Sure To Come Check Out All The Fun!

*A very special thank you to Culprit & 22679 ~ without this team food fair would of never happened thank you”


Changes For Food Fair 2013


Changes have been made to our beloved food fair 2013.

Hi fellow food lovers, we have been making alot food fair changes and personally i have had a lot of hurdles to over come in my real life and my sl life, at this moment food fair is making a few changes to its roster. There is a new logo, (which you will see on here). We have had a few other little minor changes that have been to theĀ  entire fair, we want you to have elusive items so we are relaxing it a bit it on the original application it says at least 3. You can feature 1-2 if you would like. We just feel as a team we are in a time crunch and we understand that you need time as an amazing creator to make it.

I want to apologize if things are seemingly getting changed, this is my first event that I’m pulling off and it has not been really easy especially right now in my real life. So i am doing my best i can to make this happen and i want to thank all the amazing people that have come along beside me and pulled me out of holes. I really really hope that you still love food fair and that you should know we have everything solved and taken care of, and if you have been wronged or misinformed in anyway i love you all. You are all my new friends and you have been so patient i really really appreciate it.

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.~Gilbert K. Chesterton

Thank you,

Food Fair Team (poly)

Food Fair 2013



-Pistachio Presents-

Food Fair 2013 July 19-28th.

Food Fair is an event created for the love of food! We love food, and in SL we see it , make it , decorate with it so why wouldn’t it be fun to have a fair to feature it! The event will take place July 19-28th

Anything featuring food, (example: clothes, jewelry, skins (makeups count too) , furniture , home & decor, poses, kids items, anything with food or featuring food) – (no nudity or weapons we want to keep this moderate)

At food fair we have kept to a moderate level of 50 Designers, once that list is full, you will be added to a waiting list just because we want it to be fair. So if you would like to apply please apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CIYbWH50BI_XdvDKvNfXLj9wV-xmAM3hw0yqm8Xr6zA/viewform